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Can't say enough!!!

If I could give 50 stars I would!!! Taking lessons has been the best thing we've done in years! I can't believe how elegant I feel and how handsome my husband seems when we are on ANY dance floor. Our lessons have built our confidence in ourselves AND in each other! And it's been better than counseling when it comes to our marriage! We LOVE Salinas and ALL the instructors at Clackamas. By the end of our first lesson we felt like we were part of a new family. It's just like we're walking into the 'Cheers' bar every time we go there. We've built some great friendships that we know will last a lifetime. We've also had a blast meeting instructors and students from the other studios.I'm still amazed to think that now we look like the couples who we used to envy on the dance floor. Don't get me wrong; we aren't anything close to professionals, or even advanced students, however we are more than comfortable and confident that we can carry our own on the dance floor! And that is nothing short of amazing! Incredible as it is, I've never seen a person who these instructors couldn't teach.If you're thinking about checking into lessons; DO IT!!!!!!! There is nothing but fun and excitement on the other side of that door!Thank you Salinas and Arthur Murray for changing our lives!Gratefully yours,Lorna

Exemplary instruction

Had a wonderful time swaying back and forth learning the subtle nueances of the art of dance. Every instructor at the clackamas studio help make Arthur Murray dance the profound name it has grown to be today. Thanks.

I can Dance

Omg, I am dancing! I have been told all my life I can NOT dance. Well....All those people were wrong.YA! I am so enjoying the lessons, the dancing, the friendships and all the fun. Most of all I am dancing with my husband like a fairy tail Waltz or a sexy Tango or a fun hustle or get to are roots and dancing the country two step Oh, there are so many more. invest in your self and come join the fun.

by Viktoriya Voloshina on Arthur Murray Clackamas Dance Studio
5 Stars

Awesome people, great training and amazing dance experiences!

by Viktoriya Voloshina on Arthur Murray Clackamas Dance Studio
Awesome people

Awesome people, great training and amazing dance experiences!

Nice Place

Very busy . Lots of students. Nice place

I love it

I love it! Everyone there is so nice! I've never danced before and was extremely nervous just walking in, but now I can't stop dancing!

by Allison Lenchitsky on Arthur Murray Clackamas Dance Studio
This is THE place.

Looking to learn or brush up on skills? This is THE place. My husband and I joined after a few tries at public dance lessons which always ended with arguments and stress. The opposite of the fun we were looking to have. When the studio opened a few miles from home my husband suprised me and signed us up. Even in the first lesson we learned basic steps and found ourselves enjoying dancing and dancing with each other. Amazing instructors, private lessons plus group classes and dance parties where you can try out your skills with other friendly supportive people. He has learned to comfortably and confidently lead on the dance floor and I have learned to relax and follow his lead. My husband has dance moves and not just the crazy embarrassing kind! We now have fun dancing in any situation (weddings, parties, cruises or even in our living room). This studio makes it possible all while having a great time!

by NATALYA MELNIK and GARY HUME on Arthur Murray Clackamas Dance Studio
Thanks you for all you do!

We really like are experience atClackamas Arthur Murray!Sulenis is a great instructor andManager! She has a pulse foreach person and try's too Tayloreach lesson accordingly too thestudents she teaching! Bethneyand Issac are vary nice tooall vary new but have a pulseFor the people who are new aswell as those who been withArthur Murray awhile! We greatlyInjoyed are experiance with themand continue to as we progressin learning too dance ! We learnedso much and hope to keep learningnew dances in the future! As wellAs progress to higher levels!Are Daughter injoys Arthur MurrayVary much the friendly handsI'd instruction too her a world ofgood in her confidence as a person!A keen scene of Belonging!Thanks you for all you do!Gary D Hume

Arthur Murray Portland studio is a blast!

The Arthur Murray Portland studio is a blast! The instructors are so much fun. They are all truly dedicated and make all of their students feel special and included. Also, they are able to create an individualized dance program that suits your needs. I highly recommend the studio because of their excellent instructors and can't say enough good things about them! Plan on spending a lot of time will get addicted!

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